E-SPACE³ Discover 8 Kitchen Styles!

Discover 8 Kitchen Styles!


The look of your future kitchen must above all reflect your taste and personality. When the time comes to choose the design, knowing about the different possible styles can help you identify what you like or don't like. Have a look at these different kitchen styles, they might just inspire you!

It is entirely possible that your ideal kitchen combines elements from different styles. Every kitchen is unique!

1. The Contemporary Kitchen: Minimal

© Design : André Potvin cuisine / salle de bain, Dave Duchesne.

The contemporary kitchen is characterized by minimalism: marked by great restraint, this kitchen sets itself apart through details and finesse. Its space needs to be pared down and only show modern and refined materials. The architecture is highlighted with discreet lighting integrated to the decor. The cabinets often are handleless, yielding smooth and sober surfaces.

This style favors right angles and clean cuts over curves and wavy lines. Neutral tones are generally used, like white, grey, and taupe.

2. The Scandinavian Kitchen: Natural

Never out of style since the 1950s, Scandinavian design stands out from other styles with its streamlined, functional, and timeless design. The Scandinavian style is defined by furniture and objects with simple lines. It’s a look free of artifice or useless details, where the use of natural materials is preferred: light wood, leather, concrete, and it can even be accented with a bit of fur!

The Scandinavian style favors white, as well as various shades of grey and beige. Sometimes punctuated with black, the room with find a perfect balance. Interiors are luminous, inviting and comfortable, and inspire a simple and minimalist lifestyle.

3. The Classic Kitchen: Noble

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The classic kitchen consists of noble or natural materials, like wood or stone. It includes several mouldings and features symmetrical composition. We also find multiple ornaments and structures. It makes for a chic and tasteful decor, well-suited to dark as well as lighter colors: white, grey, taupe, brown, or beige.

Ornamental light fixtures, generally metallic or black, are often added to complete the classic kitchen decor.

4. The Transitional Kitchen: Elegant

© Design : André Potvin cuisine / salle de bain, Dave Duchesne.

The transitional kitchen proposes a hybrid style between classic and contemporary: it is a classic kitchen reinvented for urban lifestyles! It is defined by very simple, refined, ornamental details, paired with the straight lines found in contemporary design. Neutral tones are usually favored, as well as noble woods and stone counters.

We can often spot elements of the classic style in the decor, or in the kitchen’s light fixtures. An elegant and simple design is placed front and center, combining straight lines and subtle curves. We find metal or gold accessories that give the space a nice sheen.

5. The English Kitchen: Welcoming

White is the dominant color in the English kitchen, and it is punctuated by neutral and pastel tones, like very pale yellows, shades of blue, green, and pink. Wood counters and architectural elements recalling period furniture are integral parts of the English style.

We generally find open shelving and glass-front cabinets. The English style has a touch of the country-style kitchen in its welcoming atmosphere, which is combined with the elegance of the classic style.

6. The Industrial Kitchen: Full of Character

The industrial-style kitchen borrows from the structures and elements of rustic and modern design. The main idea consists in designing the kitchen with raw materials, thus converting an industrial space into a liveable space.

The brick or concrete wall, as well as visible structural and infrastructural elements give the space an industrial look. Dark colors are favored, like black with grey, kaki, brick red, brown undertones, and a touch of white to brighten up the space. Industrial design combines strong materials with pure lines.

7. The Country-Style Kitchen: Warm

The country-style kitchen harkens back to the rustic kitchens of old. We find a warm atmosphere created by the use of different materials: wood, wainscotting, brick, and tiles.

The design is punctuated with deliberately imperfect details, and the appearance of wear gives the room a certain character. Handcrafted furniture is usually the focus of a country-style kitchen.

8. The Shabby Chic Kitchen: Romantic

Shabby chic is inspired by the interior decoration of English cottages. It brings together elegance and comfort with the worn appearance of the furniture. Ornaments include details recalling lacework, and engravings or frills are an integral part of this shabby chic style.

White dominates the Shabby chic decor, and is punctuated by touches of pastel colors: light blue, lilac, or light pink. This style creates a romantic environment and provides a welcoming atmosphere.


Despite the fact that every style is defined by a distinct term, most of them end up being a mix of elements suitable to more than one style in particular. New appellations that appear over time are born out of the fusion of two or more styles. To find out what’s your kitchen style, head over here !

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