E-SPACE³ Trend: A Kitchen Without Wall Cabinets

Trend: A Kitchen Without Wall Cabinets


It is often said that a kitchen should have an abundance of storage space. Yet we also want to design airy and pared down spaces that are filled with light. What if the perfect balance consisted in maximizing storage in base cabinets? Discover the new trend in which kitchens don't have wall cabinets!

A functional kitchen doesn’t necessarily have cabinets from floor to ceiling: it’s possible to concentrate all storage space in the base cabinets.

A Minimal Design

Avoiding wall cabinets in your kitchen allows you to considerably lighten its design, while giving it a greater sense of space. Since the upper portion remains completely empty, natural light circulates more freely throughout the room. Your countertops will be lit by more daylight, which makes meal preparation easier.

However, nothing prevents you from including a wall cabinet near the refrigerator, whether as a pantry or as specific storage for glasses or fragile dishes.

You can also add a few shelves on the wall where your best wine glasses or coffee cups will be carefully arranged, along with decorative accessories like a frame or a plant.

Optimizing Available Space

You can find all the storage space you need even if you only use lower units. Several accessories are actually designed to maximize their space. For example, pivoting shelf systems for corner units come to mind, allowing you to fill up the cabinets at full capacity without having to twist your arm to access the contents.

Consider prioritizing the use of drawers rather than shelves. They allow you to bring kitchen accessories towards you and to have a global view of what’s inside, without having to bend over. Moreover, young children can more easily participate in putting away the dishes and meal preparation, since they have an easier access to all the items stored in the kitchen. However, bear in mind that your items will be within reach of the younger ones: so exercise care in making your environment safe.

Concealing to Keep It Spare

Plan a very specific spot to put away your small appliances so they are invisible in your kitchen. You will thus keep the space much sparer, in keeping with the spirit of the design. For example, you could place the microwave in an open unit of the island. If the space and layout in your kitchen allow, you could also consider adding a walk-in for storing your provisions and small appliances.

An Inventory or Your Needs

By rethinking your space, you could also take this opportunity to make an inventory of everything you have in your kitchen: we have a tendency to accumulate a lot of things over the years. You will most likely realize that some of the items are sleeping in the bottom of a cabinet and haven’t been used in a very long time. Why not streamline your inventory and give back to those in need?

Including only base cabinets in your future kitchen is without a doubt a trend to keep in mind. You will end up with a room that has all the storage you need, with a minimalist look that’s airy and bright. Need tips? Work with a kitchen designer!

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