E-SPACE³ 10 Storage Options for a Kitchen That Stays Tidy Every Day

10 Storage Options for a Kitchen That Stays Tidy Every Day


The kitchen hides an array of items in its cupboards. While drawers and shelves are there to store things, clutter can quickly set in.

To put an end to the storage conundrum and mess in your cupboards, here are 10 storage options to make your daily life easier!

1. The Drawer Tray for Utensils

The most basic of kitchen storage accessories: utensil trays. They come in different sizes and can fit any drawer. Regardless of the size of your kitchen or the number of drawers available to you, it is essential to plan the space well in order to store all of the utensils needed for any task.

Ideally, these should be divided into three distinct categories:

  1. Serving utensils: knives, spoons and forks.
  2. Preparation utensils: cutting knives, peelers, spatulas- in other words, everything you need to turn food into delicious meals.
  3. Cooking utensils: ladle, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. The location of this category of items (dedicated to cooking food) should be near the stove.

For each of these three categories, the use of a tray, which is available in different materials (wood, plastic or metal), will allow you to judiciously compartmentalize your drawers and get an overview of all your implements.

2. The Drawer Divider for Dishes

If your bottom cupboards have drawers and that’s where you plan to store your crockery (plates and bowls), it is recommended that you use a dish divider. Equipped with non-slip surfaces, they provide stability when the drawer is in motion. You can also easily adjust the plate holders to different formats.

3. Storage of Lunch Containers

The notorious lunch/leftover container drawer! The only easy way to navigate it is to add dividers to arrange them better. Whether they’re in a cabinet with doors and shelves, or in a drawer, arrange for bins of various sizes or malleable drawer dividers. This will allow you to separate the lids from the containers and group together dishes of similar sizes.

4. The Knife Holder

Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, it’s easy to find the knife holder that’s right for you. This way you can pair it with your utensil tray. In addition to giving you a quick overview, the knife holder not only protects the blades of your knives, but also your fingers!

5. The Spice Rack

There are several possible arrangements for storing your spices. Whether you opt for a tray installed in a drawer or a lab-style rack, here are two key elements to consider:

  1. Use the same container format to hold each of your spices.
  2. Make sure they are clearly identified and legible.

This way you get access to all your spices in the blink of an eye!

6. Cleaning Products

Keeper of a collection of all kinds of products and implements -sponges, scrub brushes, dishcloths- the cupboard below the sink is the afterthought of the kitchen. One solution: get a sliding and removable basket that will allow you to group together and categorize all your products. You can even go around with your maintenance kit when it’s time to clean!

7. Waste Management

Trash, recycling and compost: three containers, all in one spot. A variety of container sizes are available to you, depending on the space you have. This will eliminate unnecessary steps when it comes to scraping plates and disposing of your uneaten food. In addition, your bins are completely hidden behind a drawer front, which makes waste management much more esthetically pleasing.

8. The System for Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are generally more difficult to access, meaning you must contort yourself to reach what’s stored in there. When planning out your kitchen, plan to add a suitable storage system, such as a retractable or rotating Lazy Susan-style system. You will thus create an optimized and user-friendly storage space, for putting away large items such as pots and pans.

9. Vertical Storage for Baking Sheets and Trays

You can optimize the storage of tall items by equipping your cupboards with a vertical divider for your baking sheets and trays: an ideal option for narrow cupboards. In addition to maximizing the available space in your cabinets, you will benefit from easier access to your trays.

10. Sliding Drawers for the Pantry

What’s worse than having to empty the pantry to gain access to the cans stored way at the back? One solution: sliding drawers! This will allow you to get at all the food in one single motion.

Each of the storage solutions we’ve suggested will give you an organized space suitable for all your culinary projects. In addition to facilitating daily storage, they will stand the test of time so you won’t have to start all over again week after week!

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