E-SPACE³ Storage Solutions for a Corner Cabinet

Storage Solutions for a Corner Cabinet


Most kitchens include cabinets located on more than one wall, which creates a junction between two rows of units, and therefore, a corner. Discover solutions to organize your corner cabinets and optimize their space!

In order to maximize available space, we often opt for an L or U kitchen configuration. These types of layouts naturally have one or even two wall corners to take into account in the design. A real conundrum? Not really! Some units are specifically designed for corners, and there are many storage solutions available to enhance them.

Corner Types

In the kitchen cabinet industry, there are three types of corner units. The diagonal corner that features a 45-degree angle door, the L-shaped unit, and the blind corner cabinet.

For each of these unit types, several solutions are available to make access easier, to avoid strained movements, and adapt to the items that will be stored inside. The choice of unit type will depend on, among other things, your storage needs and the space available in your layout.

Corner Drawers

Drawers used to be exclusively for straight units. However, it’s now possible to optimize diagonal and L-shaped corners. This strategy allows you go give your kitchen two to four additional drawers. An ideal solution, namely when the corner is part of a zone requiring the storage of utensils or other small items.

This way, you’ll have a quick view and direct access to the contents of your drawers. However, please note that this kind of corner layout only allows you to use about a third of the available space. The far right and far left corners of the unit are not covered by the surface of the drawers.

Rotating Platforms

Commonly known as Lazy Susans, rotating platforms can easily be integrated to lower, diagonal or L-shaped units. It’s simply a system consisting of two rotating platforms, juxtaposed one on top of the other. This revolving stand is made of two shelves that can rotate 360 degrees, mounted on an adjustable rod that’s fastened to the top and bottom of the unit.

This affordable solution is very popular: it creates a strategic spot you can use to place bigger items. For example, small appliances, pots and pans are a perfect fit. Moreover, since the surface of the platform is usually covered with an anti-slip material, the items stay in place, even when the shelves are in motion.

Sliding Baskets

Sliding baskets are a great option for accessorizing a blind corner type unit. This system is offered in several configurations and usually consists of two or four sliding baskets, which are completely retractable. Some models come with metal baskets that have adjustable heights, while others are equipped with anti-slip cladding.

Sliding baskets can be installed on either the left or right side. However, it’s necessary to have enough space for the addition of a door with a width of at least 450 mm. Whether fastened to the door or not, these storage systems allow you to access the content by pulling it towards yourself, in a single, ergonomic movement.

Note that hardware combining sliding baskets and shelves are also available for diagonal or L-shaped units. A great alternative to combine the advantages of both retractable and rotating systems, thus making use of the space in an optimal way.

In short, it sometimes happens that the space available in the corners of a kitchen is poorly or too-little used. Your kitchen designer is the ideal person to propose smart solutions that will optimize the use of your corner cabinets!

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