E-SPACE³ The Cooking Area: Where the Magic Happens

The Cooking Area: Where the Magic Happens


Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or not, a properly laid out cooking area is vital to making the task efficient and pleasant. From slow-cooked dishes to decadent desserts, discover how to set up a cooking area that does justice to your culinary talents!

The cooking area, at the core of the idea of dividing the kitchen into zones, is essential to any functional kitchen: it will be used to make meals. Its functionality is based on adequate planning, which includes the choice of appliances, as well as well thought out storage. You will thus ensure tasks are carried out in a fluid and pleasant way, every day.

Planning: Choosing Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances take center stage in the cooking area and clearly play a critical role in the preparation of many dishes. In order for them to perfectly suit your needs and your culinary habits, careful choices must be made.

The Oven: The Centerpiece

These days, ovens are available in a multitude of variations: standard, convection, and even steam-based. You can’t decide? You can even juxtapose more than one in the same kitchen. If you’re used to cooking or hosting frequently, it may be wise to plan the addition of a quick-cooking oven, or simply a warming drawer, on top of your main oven. Depending on your needs, the oven can also be combined with the cooktop.

The Cooktop: A Daily Essential

Just like the oven, a wide range of variations exist in cooktops, from size to cooking options. Whether you opt for a gas, electric, glass ceramic or induction cooktop, it must be chosen carefully according to your needs and habits.

Ventilation Hood: Your Ally for Quality Air

The last appliance to plan for this area but not the least: the ventilation hood. Whether it is visible or concealed behind a unit, it will make all the difference as far as the air quality in your house is concerned. While cooking food usually fills your space with mouthwatering smells, it also generates humidity and certain pollutants that could harm the quality of the air inside. Adequate ventilation adapted to your culinary habits is therefore of capital importance.

When you purchase your hood, an appliance consultant will be in a position to offer you a high performance hood appropriate to your cooking appliance and your needs.


Cooking Area Storage

Once appliances are in place, all that’s left is to plan storage and the accessories for adjoining units. This final step will allow you to fully personalize your cooking area and thus make it more functional. In order to determine the volume of storage you require, start by making an inventory of your pots and pans and other items used for cooking.

Whenever possible, plan to have drawers on both sides of the cooking surface. On one side, you’ll be able to place cooking utensils, like spatulas, wood spoons and the whisk. In a blink of an eye, you’ll be able to serve soup, flip an egg, or mix sauce without searching for the right accessory. On the other side, you can also integrate storage for spices that’s easily accessible when the time comes to season your dish as it cooks. The lower sections of these cabinets you can use to store pots and pans, cooking sheets and baking dishes.


When planning your new kitchen, also make sure you place your prep area near the cooking area. On top of grouping all your elements according to function, you will limit moving around pointlessly between tasks.

When it’s time for cooking your meal, your tasks will not only be carried out efficiently, but also intuitively.

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