E-SPACE³ The Difference Between a Cabinetmaker, Manufacturer and Retailer

The Difference Between a Cabinetmaker, Manufacturer and Retailer


You don't buy kitchen cabinets every day, so it's entirely normal not to know where to shop for them! A layout plan is going to be necessary to buy the right furniture, but who should you talk to about getting them made? A cabinetmaker, manufacturer or retailer? Find out who does what!

It’s finally time to renovate your kitchen, and you’ve probably been thinking about it for a quite a while. In order to make your project a reality, should you contact a cabinetmaker, a manufacturer or a retailer?

The Cabinetmaker: Artisan

The cabinetmaker both handles customer service duties and carries out the project. These artisans usually work from a designer’s plans or sketches made by the clients themselves. The production, focused on one order at a time, allows them to design personalized and custom furniture in their workshop.

Their specialty: wood! These artists handcraft sculpted ornamental pieces; real works of art. Meticulous, the cabinetmaker is also the ideal person to call on to restore existing furniture.

Costs related to a kitchen made by a cabinetmaker can vary considerably depending on your needs, the level of complexity and choice of materials. In the end, the price of your kitchen will be as unique as your project!

The Manufacturer: Performance

Usually specialized in the manufacturing of cabinet units and components, the manufacturer makes kitchens according to verified and quantifiable standards. It will produce cabinets in a methodical and meticulous way according to very precise plans, with designs based on its product offering.

Production is carried out in a factory providing access to specialized machinery and hardware. The high volume of orders allows the manufacturer to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices, varying in accordance with the quality of materials and manufacturing process. Some manufacturers actually specialize in the making of high-end kitchens, and offer a lifetime warranty on your cabinets: what peace of mind!

In certain cases, it is necessary to deal with a retailer who will act as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer and handle the design of your kitchen.

The Retailer: Turnkey Service

The retailer, on the other hand, offers customer service from within its store, usually designed to impress. The showroom allows you to visualize different kitchen designs and be in direct contact with the various materials that are available to you.

In a way, the retailer acts as a representative for the cabinet manufacturer, but also acts as a link to the suppliers of countertops and accessories like door handles. They show you a wide range of cabinet and countertop materials, as well as options for storage systems and hardware.

By choosing to entrust the creation of your new kitchen to a retailer, you will have access to the specialized service of a kitchen designer, who will provide personalized support and the creation of a layout plan that perfectly suits your needs. If you want a turnkey service, some of them even offer a general contractor service to carry out all of the work needed to renovate your kitchen, in addition to its installation.


Each person involved in making kitchen cabinets has their own business model and unique service offer. According to your needs and expectation, now you know who to turn to!

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